Option A

Investment management

We propose investments with double-digit returns. The returns are conditioned by the type of project, investment need and the time required for project implementation.

We operate through a platform HOUSERS (PFP) authorized by the CNMV with registration number 20, which guarantees the legal security of the investments.

Option B

Participation in project investment

It is proposed to the investor to participate in the projects with double-digit returns in the final result.

The modus operandi consists of the purchase of the asset by the investor and Urbiglobal Group takes charge of the whole process of management, execution and marketing of the project.


We offer personalized renovation and construction services to each client, with comprehensive project management focused on adding value to your renovation. Our experience with clients and our renovation and construction portfolio are our guarantees.

Real Estate

We offer personalized services for the sale of assets. To do so, we deeply analyze the typology of the assets and their sale possibilities, advising the client in a realistic and professional way.

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